Benefits of a Site Translation Tool

Not only is it important to have a strong internet presence, but how can you be sure you can truly “be seen” in today’s global economy? It’s certainly no secret that the internet itself is world-wide (remember, WWW stands for World Wide Web), and this means that your properly constructed and maintained website can actually be found and seen be anyone, anywhere. So if you plan to truly be present globally, and conduct your business on a global scale, you need to be sure your site can be understood. And that’s where a site translation tool proves to be extremely valuable. Some of the most powerful site translation tools can be programmed directly into your website, and the good ones will use technology similar to, or exactly the same as that employed by US Intelligence Agencies, Department of Defense, NASA, and multi-national corporations like Ford, Xerox, and AOL to allow visitors to instantly translate your site in to up to 12 different languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Both Traditional and Simplified), and Russian.

Don’t care about doing business across the globe? What about people in your own back yard that speak a different language? You do not necessarily need to have a desire to do business in another country…what if some of your potential clients better understand a native language more so than English? A proper website consultant / designer will help you examine your potential customer base and determine how site translation can help you to market your business more effectively to ALL of your potential clients. If you are in an area where speakers of foreign languages are present, your site truly can not afford to be without the power of a site translation tool.

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