“But I don’t use a computer!”

All too often, a business owner makes the mistake of assuming that, because (s)he does not use a computer, a website is not a good way to market his/her company.  Of all the concerns I hear when calling on small and medium sized businesses to dicuss their internet marketing and web solution needs, this is one of the most common among companies that have been around for a while.  Let’s face it…fifteen years ago, they probably did not need a computer to run their business, and they did not need a website to market their business either, right?  But what we must also face is that the world is changing.  As Thomas Friedman would say, “The World is Flat,” and computers and technology have put instant information at our fingertips while also making it AS easy to make a purchase from the store down the street as it is to make a purchase from the store on the other side of the globe.  And as more and more people use computers, companies make the daily discovery that these people are their customers.  So, business owners are forced to ask themselves, “Does it MATTER if I use a computer, when so many of my customers do?”  And, of course, the answer is no…it doesn’t.  As I always say, “If you aren’t selling where your customers are buying, then they are buying from someone else.”  Frankly, your web-savvy customers could care LESS whether you use a computer or not.  What they DO care about is finding the product, service, or information they want as quickly as possible.  And if you aren’t there to give them what they want, they will get it elsewhere.

So you don’t use a computer?  No problem.  POTW not only will assist you in developing and designing your web site, but as part of our web solution services, we also offer discounted rates for preferred customers to continually maintain and update your site without breaking your pocketbook.  And as part of every website we develop, we commit tutorial hours to educating the interested and willing customer on how to use POTW’s extremely user-friendly web design interface software.  In a matter of a few brief hours, we will have you tech-savvy….at least when it comes to your website.