The Box – 2009 Movie

I will admit that I am late to the party.  A quick Google of the movie title will reveal not only the plot, but also the pages and pages of criticism about the 2009 cinema catastrophe which might even be enough to make one wonder why I even put it on my Netflix list.  I have no defense.  I knew little about it, and I watched the movie.  Let’s leave it at that.  If you want the basics, visit the wikipedia article.

I want to talk about what I think is the most significant gap in the film’s logic, which is also noticeably absent from even the most critical of reviews that I read.  (And, by the way, that is saying a lot.  Because there were more gaps in this films logic than on Pennsylvania highways in winter time.)

Before I do, please do not misunderstand me.  This is not, by any stretch, my sole criticism.  The accents are horrid, the plot inconsistent, and the ending an absolute bore.  The type of ending that makes me angry to a degree not seen since my theater viewing of Cool World.  But all of these things can not aggregate to sum up to more than my frustration with the problem I wish to address.  And that is this….

How are we expected to believe that killing you wife is a better idea than raising, with her alive and by your side, your deaf and blind child?

If you have not seen the movie, don’t.  (In case my subtlety has thus far been missed.)  But here’s where we are.  In the last ten minutes of the film, the two main characters – husband and wife, and parents to one young boy – are told that their sins earlier in the film have resulted in aliens taking away their son’s sight and hearing, and locking him in their upstairs bathroom.  (Try to stay with me.  Imagine how hard it was to actually watch this happen to the two hours I invested watching it unfold.)  The Head Alien, after informing the couple of this, tells them that they have a choice.  The choice is (watered down to basics) this:

1.  Go upstairs, break the lock off of the door, hug your child, and then spend the rest of your lives together helping him to learn to live with his disabilities.  OH!  And they also have a million dollars in a safe downstairs that the alien gave them earlier in the movie that they are free to use to help with all of these problems.

2.  Husband shoots wife in heart.  Wife dies.  Aliens give Son hearing and sight back.  Husband goes to jail.  Son has sight and hearing but no parents.  Million dollars goes away until son is 18.

Guess which option the parents choose?

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