Dealing with a Wet Cell Phone

We’ve all been there.  The cell phone falls in the toilet (never mind how), or otherwise is immersed in water.  So, what do you do?

DO NOT USE A BLOWDRYER.  This is a common misconception — that heating up the phone will “dry it out.”   Any fan of the USA show Royal Pains knows that you do not need heat, you need suction.  Heat is a big mistake for several reasons.  But trying to sum it all up, when someone has already done it (and done it well) would be like trying to make a ketchup better than Heinz.  Why bother?  So, just go here for the 411 on dealing with your wet cell phone:  Wikihow says it as well as anyone could.

If your phone fell in something OTHER than water, what the heck were you doing?  But seriously, try these same steps.  But a different fluid brings upon other complications that may well render the phone un-salvageable.

Good luck.

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