Reasons to Not Consider a Website

Does that sound like a strange title of a blog post from a website developer?  Granted, there is some sarcasm in my words.  Here’s a list of reasons some business owners shared with me about why they do not need a website:

a.    I am about to retire.
b.    We are changing our name.
c.    Our business is being sold.
d.    The company will not be in business much longer
e.    I only give my website out to my customers.
f.    That’s handled out of our Corporate office (click).
g.    I am a manufacturer’s rep…I work for dealers/distributors only.
h.    We are a wholesaler…we work directly with only retailers.

All of these reasons, while the business owner may really believe they have some relation to a lack of need to consider a website, all suffer from the same flaw: they are illogical.  If the business owner woke up, went to work, and opened their office….in short, if they answered their phone…then they should – at a minimum – consider how a website could help them grow their business.

As a business owner, does it not stand to reason that one should be open-minded to any opportunity that exists that might enable expansion of business or provide expansion or additional stability to the client base, regardless of what extraneous circumstances might be going on with the business?

After all, you are still in business, right?

At least for now.


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  1. Agreed. Web sites need to be included in the part of “cost of doing business.”


  2. Here’s one great real reason you do not need a web-site, you don’t want more business!

    Years ago I tried to convince my step-dad to allow me to create a web-site for him (free of charge too) to promote his small contracting business. Time and time again he turned down my offer. Eventually I realized he simply does not want more business, he’s happy making what he makes and doing what he does and does not desire to expand. He’s developed a solid network of contact over the years that will continue to drive business to him and he’s satisfied with the level he’s at.

    He’s very, very good at what he does and his clients are always immensely satisfied (hence the constant referrals) and could easily expand into a much bigger and immensely successful company but he does not want to! It’s actually kind of nice to see that in our current hectic world there’s some people who just want a simple life where they are not superstars in their industry.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. It’s certainly true that there are people that do not need or want more business. In those cases, it’s important to realize that that person is not the client I am looking for. It takes a while, though, to stop trying to convince and consult instead. Regardless of how powerful my web solution might be, some people just don’t want it.

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