A Website That Pays For Itself

Is developing a website for your business really an expense? Perhaps it’s not. If designed, maintained, and promoted properly, a website can actually make you money. In fact, you should expect it to.

Frequently, I am faced with the objection of a website being cost-prohibitive for a small business. Especially when a small business may already be struggling to make ends meet and cover already existing expenses, often times it is difficult to imagine spending money on developing a web presence. Arguably, however, a business owner in this predicament may be examining their situation from the wrong perspective.

As we see more and more people going to the web to not only explore options for doing business but also for ways to do business more easily, it is apparent that the Internet is not just a passing fad. In fact, the Internet itself is already an indispensible component of today’s economy.

In fact, it’s not unrealistic to consider the possibility that one of the reasons cash is tight and business is slow might be because you are missing out on bringing in your share of online business. If you are not selling where customers are buying…if you are not promoting and advertising where customers are researching…then they are likely buying from someone else.

So how do you bridge the gap? First of all, know that a website actually increases revenue and more than pays for its investment. The reality is, time and time again, companies that have chosen to invest in a website have proven this to be true. Now, go out and find a web solution provider that you can trust…one that you know has your best interests in mind and one who will be there for you long after the sale. You want not only a website developer, but a partner in your Internet marketing…someone who is invested in your success.

Don’t be intimidated by the Internet. Embrace it. Your business might just depend on it.


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  1. Last week, we received our new Yellow Pages Phone Books and guess where mine went immediately? Right into our recycling bin! The very FIRST place that I go when I’m looking for information on local businesses is the internet! Whether it be a dentist, a hair salon, or a last minute gift idea (all things that I personally was looking for in the last three days!), if I didn’t find it on the Web, you lost out on my business! This is great information, Clem, and very valid info for small business men and women to consider!

    Keep on doing what you’re doing!!


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