“I already have a site.”

Every day, more and more businesses are creating a presence on the world wide web. And every day, I hear more and more people tell me that they already have a website. Unfortunately, inherent in those five simple words that are so oft repeated to web developers that undoubtedly inundate a customer’s telephone and voicemail every week is one very flawed assumption: that having a site means they do not need my help or my services!

Sad, but true…that many sites that may meet the minimum criteria of a “web presence” are, in fact, a liability to their owners. While the site owner strategically counters offers to assist them with internet marketing by Consultants such as myself, they are also floundering in the virtual world and are frequently harder to find online than they may be in physical reality. As I often ask, “does your site rise above the crowd, or get lost in it?” As a business owner, it is up to you to not make the mistake of assuming that your website – simply because it exists – is doing everything for you and your business that a website should. The reaility is that the world of internet technology is changing so rapidly that you can not FIND enough time to stay on top of it AND run your business…which is why it is important to let someone you trust make sure that your website, and your internet marking strategy, are comprehensive and effective.


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  1. This is powerful advice Clem. Many small business owners may have a website but does it come up in any web searches? Do all your links work? Is the navigation created with the customer in mind?

    Most web visitors give us about 8 seconds to demonstrate that we have what they are looking for. With out someone like you watching their virtual storefront I’m afraid that many small businesses just don’t appear to be open.

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