Choices, choices, choices

There’s a big difference between a salesman and a consultant. A salesman tries to convince you that you want and need what he has, exactly the way he has it. No modifications to fit your needs, no changes to make it more of what you would like. No customization. In a salesman’s mind, “as is” is perfect for you. A consultant, on the other hand, cares about you. A consultant gives you options and helps you decide what fits best for you and your company. In other words, a consultant gives you choices.

When it comes to your website, POTW is the consultant you’re looking for. Everything from the initial website design, to the format, graphics, text, content, and search engine optimization strategy is customizable to fit your needs…no cookie cutter approach to any aspect of your web solution.

Maintenance of your website? We have MORE options…to assure that the ongoing maintenance of your site is done exactly the way you want, and in a way that fits your budget. Once we teach you and your staff how to use our user-friendly WYSIWYG interface, your Monthly Hosting and Membership fee gives you access to our Technical Support Staff, via toll-free number, who will assist you in making the changes necessary to keep your website in tip-top shape. All of this for no extra charges.

No time? No problem. Let us do your website maintenance work. We offer a variety of Maintenance Package Options to fit your needs and fit your pocketbook.

With POTW, you get a true Web Solution Consultant experience.


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